Work-Life Balance: Learn English Phrases with To Fluency

Work-life balance - learn English vocabulary

In this English lesson, you are going to learn the following phrase: work-life balance. I have an important question for you at the end too!

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone! This is Jack from tofluency.com, and in this English lesson,we’re going to talk about a concept that is called work-life balance and all this means is trying to prioritize your work side of your life and also your lifestyle, you know, your leisure time and it’s trying to get that balance right between the two because I’m sure you know certain people work all the time.They start early; they work late; they work at the weekends as well, whereas, you might know other people who, when they finish work, they completely forget about it and they have good leisure time; they have this free time that they enjoy.

Now, it’s an interesting concept because, especially, in today’s world it is difficult to escape work, you know, I am the perfect example of that because i am always using my phone to help English learners and teachers. I’m reading emails, I’m taking pictures, I’m making videos and it is difficult for me to get away from work. This is especially true because I run my own business, so I don’t have set hours and the more I put into my business, the more I get out of it, so for me, this concept of balancing work and life is a really important thing for me to think about. And I have got better this – I have got better at separating work and life, for example, I want to work all the time but I know how important it is to spend time with my family and I want to do that too. So, right now, my son is napping my wife is doing some work and research, so it’s the perfect time for me to make a video like this, but in the morning
when I’m looking after my son, I try to give him full attention so that I’m not trying to do both things at once.

Now, the second reason why this concept is important for you guys is because you need to think about how to prioritize your English, ok, so if you are very very busy at work and the balance is more on the work side for you, then you need to think about ways that you can incorporate more English into your daily routine. And that’s something I always talk about on this channel; a quick tip just right now is to listen as much as possible, so listen on your way to work; listen to English songs while working and just have your earphones in so you’re listening to English as much as you can.

But this is so important – to think about how you can bring more English into your life, you know, how you can create that right balance for you so that you are balancing your work, your family time and your education as well. So what I want to do is actually ask you a couple of questions and then we’ll be able to get feedback from everyone and we can learn from each other.

So firstly, I want to know if you have a good work-life balance or is one stronger than the other at the moment. So that’s the first thing I want to know. The second thing I want to know from you is how to incorporate more English into your life. So, just give everyone some tips on how to learn English if you’re busy; how to learn English with your current schedule, so please leave a comment below.
I really look forward to reading them and please share this with anyone who will find it useful. Thank you for watching and I’ll speak to you soon!

What to Do Now:

Let me know if you have a good work-life balance.

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  • Dapot Sianipar

    When I was in high school, it seemed like my studying time was stronger, I wake up at 2 am, went to school at 5.30 am, and back home at 8 pm. It was like there’s no time for playing or watching my fav cartoon. On weekend, I tried to finish my heap of HW before the dawn, so then I could have a day with my friends. To study simpler I always watch my fav cartoon with eng subtitle, when there’s unknown phrase, I stop it then I write the words on paper then I translate it.

    • Wow. You woke up that early?

      • Dapot Sianipar

        I did