Want to speak English? Don’t wait to be perfect…


Don’t wait to be perfect at speaking English before you start speaking…

Video Transcript

Hello. This is Jack from tofluency.com. Now, I’m recording this English lesson on my smartphone for a reason. That will be apparent – later so you will learn why later. Now, I’m going to talk about making videos, ok, this is not your typical English lesson – but there’s a lesson to be learned here – because I had the idea to make videos for English learners a long long time ago. I had an idea to do this but I didn’t do anything about it – I kept putting it off. And then, when I actually got round to doing this; when I actually decided: okay now is the time to do it, I bought lots of expensive equipment I tried to make each video perfect and in total, I spent about eight / twelve hours on making the videos and editing the videos.

Now, this obviously wasn’t sustainable over the long-term; it wasn’t possible to keep producing these kind of videos over the long-term. Now, the lesson is this: I actually learned a lot more about making videos when I started to try and do them quickly – when I tried to do them more often – when I actually made videos more often. And this is the same for learning English, especially speaking, because I know a lot of learners who want to be perfect before they speak to someone and also they put off speaking to someone because they are fearful of what’s going to happen – they’re fearful of putting themselves out there. I was fearful of putting myself out there on video – it was scary – but once I got started, I realized it was ok.

And I took those baby steps by starting to release one video and waiting. Release another video and waiting and getting more confidence about this. But also if you try to wait to be perfect, then this is never going to happen. No one creates perfect videos; no one speaks perfectly in English but it’s a process of practice in this as often as possible and actually doing it that’s going to help you improve. So for me, it was the practice of making videos and actually doing them that helped me improve my videos.

And for you, it’s a process of speaking in English or just practicing in general that’s going to help you improve a lot too. So, if you are fearful about speaking in English, and making mistakes, then find someone that you are comfortable with first and just get used to using your English – and if you’re waiting to be perfect, know that’s never going to happen. You weren’t going to make mistakes – as an English Learner – you’re going to making mistakes if you reach a C1 or C2 level of English. So, get that practice; get started and try to speak with someone who you are comfortable with and then gain confidence.

So, hopefully, you have found this useful. Please leave any questions you have below this video, and check the description too because I have further links that you can click and then you can watch other videos on this topic. So, thank you for watching and please share this with anyone who needs to see it. See you in the next lesson!

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