A VLOG for English Learners: Learn Everyday English (Winter Is Coming)


Many of you have asked for it and here it is.

An VLOG made specifically for English learners.

Come and join me as I teach you English in various places in a fun and engaging way.

Be sure to turn on the subtitles.

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Vocabulary from the Lesson



* To be in the best shape of my life: to look my best fitness wise
* Grab a coffee: to get a coffee (informal)
* Do some admin: this means to pay bills, do paperwork, make phone calls etc.
* Deliberate practice: this is where you do specific drills / exercises to improve a skill
* Crank a desk up or down: you saw me doing this at 7:46
* Zebra crossing: you can see what this is at 9:46

Resources Mentioned


Free book


Sentence Method

Come vs go back

Motivational Video

Goals for 2017


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