Learn Everyday English | TF Vlog #5 | Coffee with a Friend

Tf Vlog - coffee with Ellie

Welcome to the #1 way to learn everyday English: The TF Vlog!

In this episode, you’re going to learn everyday phrases related to making videos, lunch, and meeting people for the first time.

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Lesson Notes

I’ve done something special for you in this lesson.

Below, you will find an explanation of the words and phrases that I used in this lesson.

0:07 an action-packed day = a very busy day
0:19 how much the weather changes here over a span of just a few days = during a few days
0:45 I’m glad it doesn’t stick around = I’m happy it doesn’t stay
1:38 I’ve been getting this question a lot recently = present perfect continuous
1:56 Notice how I used the past simple and the present perfect here. Do you know why?
3:01 What does it taste like? = this is a great question to ask someone about the taste of something.
3:19 you pour in hot water = use this verb for liquids
3:38 it’s a superfood = a food high in nutrients (also notice how I link these words together?)
4:53 you have to get used to it = you have to become accustomed to it (you have to learn how to use it)
5:46 I spent the entire morning sitting down = spend time DOING something
6:07 I’m just gonna have a quick bite to eat = this means something small to eat
7:04 And then, I’m gonna have = Notice how I linked these words together too?
7:35 You / You’ve gotta be careful where you park in Asheville = You have got to be…
8:05 they lived just around the corner from me = very close
8:16 it just so happened
8:51 we have known each other for a long time = present perfect
8:58 we hung out together = we spent time together (informal)
9:33 even though the sun’s not out = even though the sun isn’t shining
9:46 I managed to get a bunch of stuff done = to get a lot of things done
9:57 I might pick up a couple of things up on the way home = I might get a couple…

Resources from the Video

Sentence Method

Mushroom coffee

My camera
The Rhu

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