Verb Patterns: How to Use WATCH with Other Verbs


In one of my recent lessons, a few people thought that I had made mistake. exercise.

I said the following: we went to watch the sun go down.

Some told me that it should be: watch the sun goes down.

However, the latter is wrong.

I explain all in this video.

Verb Patterns: Lesson Notes


After the verb ‘watch’ we tend to use the bare infintive. Here is the full sentence explanation:

watch + objective + bare infinitive

We watched + the sun + go down

If it doesn’t follow another verb, then we conjugate it normally. For example: the sun goes down at 6:30 PM.

Here are more examples with other verbs:
* I watched him cook dinner
* I heard him say it
* I see them do it all the time

These are called verbs of perception.

We can also use the gerund in certain situations. You’ll see teachers say that we use the gerund when the action isn’t complete, but it can be flexible.

For example:
*we saw them arguing
*we watched him performing

Here is a lesson I made on verb patterns

Thanks for watching!

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