english conversation about travel

In the latest episode of our new podcast, my wife and I talk about travel.

A few things to focus on:

  • how we use remember
  • the use of used to and would to talk about the past
  • how we use ‘um’, ‘I mean’, and ‘you know’ as fillers

English Phrases Used in This Lesson

– we are being quite ambitious
– we have brought our daughter along with us
– It’s flown by, hasn’t it?
– how many vacations have we been on since we’ve been here.
– I think a lot of times we end up traveling to visit family
– to get away from it all
– why don’t you tell everyone about our latest vacation?
– we met up with your parents and sister
– we had more of a beach vacation
– it didn’t really feel like Christmas
– There were park rangers passing out / giving out free sunglasses
– we are thinking about going away this summer
– I have always wanted to travel to somewhere different
– We nearly went while we were living in Spain
– That was the time to go
– I mean, I think that once you start a family…
– Take advantage of this time right now
– We’ve been talking a lot with our son about koala bears and kangaroos
– I would love to travel around Asia as well
– I haven’t been to anywhere in Asia.
– You have been all the way down to Patagonia
– And he got excited about that
– I don’t really know, to be honest
– I remember being in my mum’s arms
– I remember seeing our neighbor
– Are you gonna remember this?
– She’ll have the video to look back on
– it used to take us 3 days to get to the south of France
– we would spend about two weeks there.
– they had sports going on
– there was a big heat wave
– that’s what I remember about it
– that’s something that we take for granted
– it doesn’t get that hot
– my family and family friends would rent a house on an island
– we would drive and take a ferry out to the island
– we would grill seafood at night
– my mom actually grew up going there when she was a kid too
– when was the first time you went abroad?
– do you remember?
– my father actually passed away when I was in college
– Do you remember the journey?
– it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me
– … the novelty of everything – being able to look out an airplane window
– my uncle used to fly back and forth
– I’m getting confused
– we got bumped up to first class
– have you seen some of those recent pictures
– it just looks incredible
– that would make flying with small children worth it.
– Yeah, no, definitely.
– it’s hard, isn’t it, with small children
– you just never know what you’re going to get
– You mentioned Morocco before as an ideal place to go on vacation.
– I was gonna.
– I was thinking about this while we’ve been having this discussion
– When I went traveling, I was on my own. I had a tiny backpack.
– Oh, so much easier on my own.
– I was worried that you were going to say that.
– When you are on your own, you have your stuff and that’s it.
– if you’re like you just don’t want to talk to someone
– if you wanna be outgoing, you can meet other people
– it’s more fun traveling with someone
– You get to share your experiences
– Shall we wrap it up?
– I’ve put you on the spot


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