Are You Too Busy to Learn English? Watch This…

Too Busy to Learn English

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Have you ever said, “I’m too busy to learn English.”

If so, then this video is going to help you.

In the video, I talk about priorities, and how you can spend more time learning and using English even if you are really busy.

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Are You too Busy to Learn English?

I’ve had a LOT of students over the years. And the number one excuse I hear when someone hasn’t done their homework is:

“I’m too busy.”

Have you said this before?

If so, the first thing to be aware of is that in the majority of cases, it’s not that you’re too busy, it’s just that you have different priorities.

In the video, I gave the example of one my students who preferred to play sports rather than learn English.

It’s important to know that having other priorities isn’t right or wrong. Just be aware of them and then answer the question below:

Can you make learning English more of a priority?

After doing this, the next step is to find ways to learn/use English while doing other things. Additionally, you can use English without even thinking about it.

The example I gave in the video was to listen to English while traveling. You can also do this while doing housework, walking the dogs etc.

Additionally, changing the language of your devices into English will mean that you use English every time you use your phone/computer.

And if you like watching TV and don’t want to change this, then watch TV in English.

Even the busiest people can do more in English.

What to Do Now:

1. What tips do you have for those who say they are too busy to learn English? Leave your answers in the comment section below.
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  • Silvia García Rivas

    Hi. I’m a smartphone fan, so while I’m on way to my job or to school, I read the news in english with the news apps (BBc News, Al Jazeera or Sky News), as well I read the news on twitter. There is a wonderfull app to learn vocabulary, Memrise. If i have more time I listen to podcasts for english learners.

    • You’re doing the right things Silvia!