Throwing Parties: 4 English Phrases You’ll Love

throw a party TF Phrases

In this lesson, you are going to learn four English phrases that are related to parties. Watch it and read the transcript below.

Video Transcript


Hello. This is Jack from Welcome to this English lesson where I’m going to give some phrases that my wife and I have used when talking about our upcoming party. So, this week we’re going to throw a party. So, that’s the first one: to throw a party. Now, you can also say: to have a party as well but to throw a party is very common and it’s a great phrase to know. So, we’re going to throw a party this week.

Now, while we have been discussing this party and what we should do we have used this phrase a lot: should we? Should we? Asking each other the question: should we get this? Should we get that? Should we invite this person? Should we do this? So, we’re basically asking each other for our opinion and giving suggestions. So, when you’re talking about something and you’re trying to create or plan or something, then we can use this phrase a lot. Should we do this or should we do that?

Another question that we asked each other is this: did you invite somebody? So, what we’re talking about here is guests for our party and I’ve asked my wife: did you invite this person? She’s asked me: did you invite this person? So, we’ve asked each other if we have invited certain people because we’ve invited people through Facebook and also by text so when you’re talking about invitations and you’re arranging a party with someone you can ask them: did you invite this person? Finally, once or twice, we have said to each other: I feel a little bit overwhelmed. And the reason for this is because there’s so much stuff that we have to do, so many things we have to think about when throwing this party.

Now, the reason we have so much to do is because it’s at our house so we have to tidy clean think about food etc. To feel overwhelmed means that you’re feeling a little bit stressed about everything that you have to do. So, you might feel overwhelmed at work for example if you have a lot of projects to finish you might feel overwhelmed by your studies if you have a lot to do. So, it’s a great phrase to know: I feel overwhelmed.

What I want you to do now is tell me about any party that you have thrown at your house. Tell me what kind of things you did to plan this and try to use the phrases that I’ve used in this video as well. Now, if you have any questions about this lesson then please leave your comments below. Share it with anyone who would find it useful. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video!

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