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In the latest vlog post (everyday English listening practice), you are going to learn some really useful English related to my visit to a very cool museum.

This was recorded during our trip from North Carolina to Maryland. I show you around some old houses and you get to see some really interesting things.

There are a few notes from the video below, but be sure to download the full lesson plan to really help your English (see below).

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The Frontier Museum

My wife surprised me with this visit.

When we arrived, I had no idea where we were going. You probably noticed that at the start of the video.

I used ‘you know’ a lot in this video. I made a separate video on how to use that here.

Something else that I mentioned in the video is this: the people who worked at the museum wore costumes from that time and talked in the present simple. Doing this made it more real.

It’s a fantastic museum, and if you are ever in the Staunton, Virginia area, I highly recommend checking it out!

Want a full language analysis? Read on for details…

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  1. Mollie Tai
    Mollie Tai says:

    The most incredible ( historical ) museum tour EVER ! It’s a mind-blowing walk ! I couldn’t be happier with your fantastic video . You are absolutely out of this world . Your teaching is one in a million . Thanks a bunch !

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