TF Update: Fall/Autumn, Soccer/Football, Free Lessons, and a Popular Video

TF Update September

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Here is a quick To Fluency update.

I talk about fall/autumn, why I’m playing football again, my free lessons on Periscope, and a popular video that I made.

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Hello. This is Jack from and this is just a video update on a few things that are happening at the moment. So, where I’m from, Asheville, North Carolina, it is in the middle of September so it’s starting to feel more like fall. This is an American term. In the UK, we say autumn. But, everyone here says ‘fall’. The weather is starting to change so it’s a bit cooler in the mornings and also at night. So, when I drop off my son at daycare, I’m wearing trousers and some kind of top as well. But, during the afternoon it’s still really hot, about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. I think that’s about 26, 27 degrees Celsius. So, it’s still really hot during the afternoon. But, as I say, the mornings and the evenings are just fantastic at the moment and I’m spending quite a lot of time outside on the porch doing my work outside.
So, there are few things to look forward to here in fall and the first one is Halloween, Halloween, the 31st of October, just a few weeks away. Also, my birthday, my wife’s birthday, both of those dates are in October and, yeah, lots of other things to look forward to. I’ve also started to play soccer again. Or again, this is a good difference between British and American English. In the UK, we call it football. But, I’ve started to play football soccer again and my legs are really tired after the game on Sunday because I didn’t play over the summer. I decided to take the summer off. So, it means that my body isn’t used to playing football and I just need to get used to it, after a few games I’ll feel fine. So, I really, I really love playing football. Especially here, the league is amazing. The games are really competitive, but the teams are friendly too. So, it’s a great place to play football. And, we’re excited to see how well we do this season.
I’m still doing daily Periscope lessons from Monday to Friday. So, every day I’m on Periscope and I’m giving free lessons and interacting with English learners and English speakers from all over the world. I’m really enjoying using Periscope because it’s a way for me to connect with people like you, people who are learning English who want to reach a higher level. So, I get really good feedback from those in the lessons and I really enjoy. So, I actually made a video on how to join me on Periscope and you can click the link to watch that and then follow me and take free English lessons.

One of my videos was really popular on social media and if you haven’t seen this yet, check it out. It is the difference between ‘going to’ and ‘gonna’, ‘want to’ and ‘wanna’ and other ways that we can use relaxed pronunciation when speaking English. And, in this video, I answer a question about ‘when can I use this’, ‘how can I use this with confidence’ and I explain in which situations you can use relaxed pronunciation. So, click the link to check that out.
Now, my question for you in this video is this, “How is your September going so far?” And, if you’re watching this at a later date, “How is your month going so far?” Let me know in the comments section and I’ll speak to you soon. Bye, guys.

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