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Hi, my name is Gema and I'm from Spain.I want to share my experience in learning English with you. I enrolled in the EOI of my city six years ago, I started to learn English in order to help my son, then, I felt (fall) in love with the language. Although, the road to get a high level in whatever you do is difficult, there are some things that work and others don't work. Well, to make a long story short, I want to reach my goal so, apart from going to my classes in the school,I usually look for some resources on the Internet. I don't have too much time to study, you know, I'm a busy person, but I found Jack. It was great, fantastic, amazing...He is helping me a lot, I do something in English every day, he has taught me how I can invest less time and go further, he has showed me how I must start believing in myself and I have no words to express my grateful.There is always something new to discover. The To Fluency Program and Jack have been my lifebelt this summer. I'm used to reading some testimonial in the comment sections of websites and I always think that they are lying, and now, I'm here writing a post about how much this course helps me, it makes sense, because if I have found something that works, my desire is sharing it with everyone. I wish these words encouraged people to take the program.