Finally Fluent
I am from Brazil and despite all the years of studying English at school, in private classes, with English books and traditional methods, I was not able to be fluent.So at the end of 2014 I almost gave up trying to learn, but then I found Jack and his methods. It is amazing how the tips, the steps and my mindset about the process of learning changed. Today I know how to study alone, how to make it interesting, and how to assimilate the language and all the vocabulary I need for fluency.What is more unique is that Jack teaches more than English. He teaches how to make English part of you and your daily life. How pay attention and do things that I never did before. It is pointless to try to study if it is not fun, it then becomes a chore. At that point, you will either hate your studies or become afraid of them. I was afraid of it and I almost gave up. Jack save me like in Titanic - the movie. Literally in English. Jack made me understand why all the process of learning is important.It isn’t necessary to tackle all learning in the same way. Instead, you need to fit the learning to you, not you to the learning. Jack's method and program offered tips on how to plan my learning, find the right time and place, and not get distracted and give up.I am so grateful for Jack and his To Fluency Program.