Take/Have a Nap: Definition and Examples

Take a nap

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In one of my videos that I posted on Facebook, I used the phrase “have a nap.” In this lesson, I explain what it means and then give more examples.

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Take/Have a Nap

In the example I gave, I said the following:

My son is taking a nap at the moment so I’m trying to get a little bit of work done.”

This means that he was sleeping for a brief period of time during the day. To have a nap means the same thing as take a nap, there is no difference.

Here are three more examples:

  • “I need to take a nap.”
  • “I never take naps.”
  • “I won’t be able to sleep tonight because I had a nap this afternoon.”

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  • Ildar

    Actually, I feel much better after taking a nap on the weekend! As if I slept at least eight hours…but in fact, I take a nap not more than 20 minutes.
    Thanks for your videos Jack!

    • Thanks for commenting, Ildar! Great to hear from you!