Why Learning English is Like Swimming (and What We Can Learn from This)

Swimming Learning English

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Swimming is one of my favorite things to do, but I hardly ever go.

In this video, I explain why I don’t go swimming even though I love it, and then talk about what we can learn from this when it comes to learning English.

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Why Learning English is like Swimming

Swimming is one of my favorite things to do, but I hardly ever go.


Because it isn’t easy to start: you have to pack your bags, drive to the pool, pay, get changed, take a shower, and then enter the cold water. There is a lot to do before you start the activity. And what’s more, there is no commitment to actually go swimming, unlike something like playing football in a team.

This can be true for English learning too. If you make it difficult to start learning English, then you will do it less often.

Therefore, it is wise to make it easy to start studying. Here are three ways to do that:

1. Only have English podcasts and music on your smartphone (or music player). This means that when you start listening to something, it will be in English.

2. Only keep English books by your bed or anywhere else that you read.

3. Take English lessons online.

Make it easier to start studying/using English and you will make faster progress.

What to Do Now:

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  • Almir L de Sá

    I have tried “to live” English language in all moments of my life. I changed the language of some devices I have. And I talk with myself ( I’m not crazy !), to feel my pronunciation, and try to nomination in English the things I find in the streets of my city. In this way, I think, my English is better than before.

    • It’s great to hear that you are making improvements. You’re doing the right things; keep it up!