Conversation Summer tofluency

It’s time for another video where Kate and I have a real conversation in English.

This time, we’re talking about summer!

This is a great way for you to learn phrases in a natural way and for you to practice your listening.

Watch the video and then learn how you can get premium materials from this lesson.



  • kick something off = start something
  • escape the heat = go somewhere cooler when it’s hot
  • make the most of something = to enjoy something as much as possible


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  1. José Francisco Ghignatti Warth
    José Francisco Ghignatti Warth says:

    Hi Jack and Kate! Because the climate of earth is changing to be hotter than before, I agree with you! Spring is the best season in South Brazil! Even in Curitiba where I live, in the top of the mountain the weather is changing too! Spring is the best one and it is not hot and not chili and you can make many things without sweating! In the summer, usually we to our house on the coast ant there you fell a fresh winds always, than summer is good there! another thing that we need to think during the summer is the solar rays, and its are very dangerous in white skin like mine and is imposible to be under the sun at noon or even early! About doing things! i have a boat with a strong motor boat with good speed and I like to fight against waves that other boats make! about food, barbercue with light meat is the best option with fruit salat included water melon and …..cold beer! Best for you from José-Brazil-Parana State!

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