Snapchat Stories: Walking in the Neighborhood and Making Pasta – Learn Everyday English

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Here is something new for you. This is a recording of my Snapchat story. Learn everyday English (and watch me make pasta).

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Video Transcript

… birds are loud this morning. Beautiful day! Taking a detour this morning via my son’s new school. I’m going to drop off the payment for it. That is my house in the background. It’s a great neighborhood. It’s very rare to see a sidewalk in America. In British English, we call this a pavement.

Back home.

… I’m going to make a very simple lunch with leftovers. Pasta from last night, cheese, pasta sauce, and a pan. And some sardines. This dog loves the juice from the sardines. He’s so excited.

This is my view from the porch. I’m gonna work outside for about an hour or so. And then do some exercise.

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