If you’re an English learner, one of your goals is to improve your speaking.

After watching this video, you will know exactly how to do that.

Be sure to watch until the end – I have a questions for you 👍

Speak English

To improve your speaking, you need to speak in English more.

You know that already, right?

However, it’s important to know that there are two main ways to practice:

  1. By having conversations in English
  2. By copying English speakers

Speaking with English Speakers


This is the most natural way to speak in English. It’s something you should try and do. Here are the benefits of doing this:

  1. You take what you have learned and put it into practice
  2. It’s fun
  3. This is what most learners want to do over the long-term
  4. You get the best type of listening practice

The problem is this: it can be difficult to find people to practice with, especially if you live somewhere without many English speakers.

But… you can do this by:

  1. Finding an English teacher who will teach you online
  2. Using the MeetUp app to find English-speaking groups in your area
  3. Finding a language exchange partner
  4. Making friends on Facebook (look for groups) and arranging times to chat

Another problem you might have is that you’re shy about speaking in English and afraid of making mistakes.

We all mistakes.

As an English learner, you’re going to make them. Watch this video to learn what you can do to overcome this so that you can practice and speak with more fluency.

This article will help you too.

Copying Others (The Other Way to Practice Your Speaking)


Record your voice

This following method is highly underrated.

  1. Listen
  2. Repeat
  3. Record
  4. Compare


It’s similar to shadowing, but puts more focus on pronunciation.

Get English audio from podcasts, TV shows, me, anywhere really. Listen to a sentence or a phrase, repeat, record your version, and then compare the two.

Copy the intonation, stress, accent, and general pronunciation. This will help you to:

  • improve your pronunciation (and your speaking)
  • learn new words and phrases
  • internalize grammar

You don’t have to record your version every time. But make sure you do this as it will help.

Use your smartphone or desktop to record your own voice.

Speaking English Fluently

It’s going to take a lot of practice to speak English fluently.

That’s why I highly recommend following my advice above and speak English as much as possible.

Oh, and before I forget. Answer the question that I ask in the video: how often do you speak in English?

Here are more videos that I made on this topic. Watch them, learn, and get speaking!

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    I practise English by reading books, watshing movies, or speaking with people throw the world 5 hours in week 🙂

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