English Listening Practice: ROAD TRIP! – Learn English Vocabulary in a Natural Way

Road Trip - Learn Everyday English

In this engaging video lesson, I talk about packing for a road trip. Watch the video, read the transcript, and then see the vocabulary notes below.

Video Transcript

Hello! This is Jack from tofluency.com and in this English lesson, you’re going to get some great listening practice and you’re also going to learn words and phrases related to travel and specifically taking a road trip. Now, be sure to check out the description below that gives you a link that is going to give you all the vocabulary that I used in this lesson.

So, let’s talk about a road trip. Today, my wife and I are packing the car; we are going into all the rooms and getting everything we need for our short vacation. Now, we’re taking a road trip and this simply means to go somewhere in the car, and when you say we’re taking a road trip it suggests that you are traveling for quite a long time. Our journey is going to be around 12 hours and we’re breaking this up into two days to make it easier for us and our son.

Now, in one of my live lessons, my sister and I talked about packing light, and this means taking the least amount of stuff that you can. When I went traveling for nine months in South America, I took with me a very small backpack. It was tiny and when people saw the size of this backpack they couldn’t believe how small it was. But I took this small backpack because I don’t like to have a lot of stuff with me. I feel like when you have too much stuff when traveling it makes things more stressful, especially when you have to go through airport security. So, I was really pleased with having this small backpack – it helped me when traveling – it helped me especially on the buses where I could take my bag with me and also on airplanes.

However, the problem these days is that is very difficult to travel light when you have a child, so I have a three-year-old son and we have to take so much stuff for him. It’s amazing how someone so small needs so much stuff. Something that’s very important to have with you on a road trip is food. So, in the past, we used to buy the worst type of food; really unhealthy food. Things like crisps, chocolate, lots of salty snacks and just things that aren’t very good for you. But these days, we try to be healthier and I prefer it as well because when I eat things that are unhealthy, I end up getting really tired, and I want to be alert on the road so I try to take healthy snacks. Lots of fruits and vegetables but the one thing that I definitely need when driving for a long period of time is coffee. So, I’m going to make sure that we stop often to get lots of coffee.

Another thing that is important to have is entertainment. Now, in the past, we just used to listen to the radio but now because of our phones we can listen to audio books we can stream music and personally I like it when we’re all listening to something together. I remember one trip when we listened to “Born to Run.” Okay, this is a book is a fascinating book and I highly recommend listening to. The narrator is very interesting and the stories are incredible. It’s a great book to know for learning English. But I don’t know what but we’re going to listen to this time. The last time, we tried to listen to the Martian but it was too analytical – too many numbers to listen to, so this time we’re going to try and find something that we both like.

Now, I want to hear from you: how do you make road trips or traveling in general fun and exciting? And do you feel stressed about taking a long trip? So, please let me know in the comment section below what you think about this, and also be sure to go to my site where you can learn lots of phrases that I have used in this video. So, thank you for watching!

Vocabulary from This Lesson

Pack the car = to put things you need in the car for a trip.

  • I always clean the car before packing it
  • Let’s pack the car

… we’re breaking this up into two days = to take two days instead of one

  • He dropped the glass and it broke into hundreds of pieces
  • Let’s break up this project so that we can all do part of it

go through airport security (notice the preposition ‘through’ here)

  • I hate going through security
  • It takes 45 minutes to go through security

I want to be alert on the road = to be aware of things that are happening / to react quickly

  • You don’t seem very alert today
  • That watchdog is alert

… we just used to listen to the radio = something that was a fact or habit in the past

  • I used to love this song, not it annoys me
  • They used to play out a lot more

Learn more in this lesson

Is there anything that you didn’t understand? Let me know in the comment section below! And be sure to answer the question I asked too!

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