How to Remember New English Words and Phrases

Remember New English Words and Phrases

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A big part of reaching a high level of English is remembering new words and phrases.

In this video, I talk about the type of English words and phrases you should be learning, and how to remember them over the long-term.

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How to Remember English Words and Phrases

As I mentioned in the video, before using the methods that I describe below, it’s important to know that you don’t have to learn every new word you see.

Learn vocabulary that is relevant to you and your English learning.

And additionally, context is really important. Having strong context (learning new words from the TV show Friends, for example) will help you remember the new word, and will also help you understand when to use it.

In addition to the overall context, learning new words and phrases in the context of a sentence is really powerful too. This helps you understand how to use the new word.

Once you have both relevant words and phrases in context, you need to get repetition. This will help you remember new vocabulary over the long-term.

One way to do this is to do narrow reading and listening. Another is to use The Sentence Method.

The Sentence Method

This method works like this:

  • You add sentences that you want to repeat to special software
  • You use the software to get the repetition when you need it

This not only helps you remember new words and phrases, but it also helps you internalize grammar, and it will help your speaking too.

Just ten minutes a day using this method can result in thousands of new words learned over a year.

And finally, I talked about how using the new words and phrases when speaking will also help you remember them.

What to Do Now:

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  • gema

    Hi! the last word I learnt how to say in English was “saliva”, it’s sounds strange,isn’t it? but in the context we were speaking ( medical research ), this word is very useful! I’m still not sure if I pronunce it in the correct way.

  • Almir L de Sá

    My last word is “cryptomnesia “. Oliver Sacks in his memories said ” this is a type of forgetting may be necessary for healthy criptomnesia, that allows old thoughts to be reassembled, retranscribed, recategorized, and given new and fresh implications “. Only in the context, I could learn this “hard” word.

  • Irina

    My last word is “duration” from Jack’s lesson about Present Perfect Tense: “…a duration from some time in the past until now”.

    I like the Sentence Method. It works.

    and additionally, while reading the comments below I learned two new words – cryptomnesia and saliva. Thanks @ Almir L de Sá and @ gema

    • Thanks for commenting, Irina. Glad you like the To Fluency Program!

  • Zulya

    I read the book by Anne Mcallister “Last year bride” so of the book I learned many new words . At the last time I taught 10 words. It’s convince

    • Is it a good book? Thanks for sharing.

      • Zulya


  • Maria Shvetsova

    The last word I learned in English was the word “relevant” from this video. 🙂

  • doaa.eraky

    ‘tough cookie’ which means the person who is strong enough to deal with his difficulties