Using the Present Simple to Talk about the Future

Present Simple Future

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In this lesson, I explain how you can use the present simple to talk about the future. I also highlight an idiom that I use in the example video.

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Present Simple for Future Events

In the example I gave, I said the following:

…we fly in about an hour and a half, so at at the moment we’re just killing time.

As flights are on a schedule, we can use the present simple. That is why I said, “we fly…” for a future action. Here are some more examples:

  • Hurry! The movie starts in 10 minutes!
  • The sale ends tomorrow.
  • We leave at 6 A.M. (train)
  • We’re leaving at 6 A.M. (car)

In the last example, I used the present continuous. This is because when we travel by car, this isn’t on a specific timetable.

Additionally, in the video, I used an idiom – to kill time. This means to do something to stay busy while waiting for something else to happen. I was killing time in the airport by making videos, playing with my son, and using my phone.

What to Do Now:

1. Leave an example sentence using the present simple to talk about the future.
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  • He needs to take the train at 8pm tomorrow .
    She leaves in 10 minutes for school .
    It flies to America at 3 o’clock this afternoon .

  • Marcelo Lisa

    I go to the swim at the
    gym at half past five P.M. this afternoon.

    • We can’t use “go” with this situation.

  • Asela

    I go by bus to the party on this Sunday

  • Oscar


  • Doaa.Eraky

    The match starts at 9 p.m.
    July doesn’t start before 2 weeks