Present Perfect Simple vs Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Simple vs Present Perfect ContinuousThe difference between the present perfect simple and the present perfect continuous can be complex. It can also be flexible.

In this video lesson, I look at the two main differences between these tenses.

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The Difference Between the Present Perfect Simple (PPS) and Continuous (PPC)

The first difference is action (PPC) vs result (PPS). Take a look at these two examples:

  • I’ve been reading all day
  • I’ve read 100 pages today

The first one focuses on the act of reading. The second focuses on 100 pages.

Both tenses are used to talk about actions that started in the past but continue in the present. We use PPC with continuous verbs and PPS with non-continuous verbs.

  • I’ve known him for a long time
  • I’ve been helping him for a long time

If you want to test your knowledge of these two tenses, take the exercise here.

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