In this video, I share some real examples of the present perfect continuous.

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Present Perfect Continuous Examples (Video Transcript)

Hey, guys! This is Jack from and in this English lesson, we’re going to look at some present perfect continuous examples – and the first one I’m going to show you is taken from social media, so let’s have a look at that now…

Hey, guys. This is Jack from – now the reason why I’m a little bit red and why I’m out of breath is because I’ve just been running. In the video, I said, “The reason why I’m a little bit red and why I’m out of breath is because I’ve just being running.”

So, I used the present perfect continuous here because I was talking about an action that just finished and we can see, hear or feel the result. So, this is one way that we can use the present perfect continuous. The result that you can see and hear is my face is red and I’m breathing heavily – so you can hear me breathing and you can see that my face is red – and the action that just finished was me going for a run so that’s why I say I’m out of breath because I’ve just been running.

Here are more examples: Why are you angry? I’ve been dealing with terrible students all day. I’ve been studying all day. I’m exhausted! If you want to learn more about the present perfect simple and continuous then watch this video – the link is in the description. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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