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Welcome to the latest episode of the To Fluency Podcast.

In this episode, I explain the new format and talk about my daily routine.


Words and Phrases Used in This Episode

We’ve found it very difficult to record new episodes

To find something difficult means that it is difficult for you.

I made a lesson on this here. More examples:

  • I find it difficult to be honest all the time
  • He finds speaking more difficult than listening

It’s gone so fast

This is a cliche that parents say when talking about their children growing up.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while

This is a great example of the present perfect continuous. Here are some more:

  • I’ve been teaching for 7 years
  • He’s been standing there an awfully long time

Don’t hold back

Like I mentioned in the audio, to hold back means that you don’t tell the truth.

It can also mean to not do something or to not put all your effort into something.

  • You’re holding back – you can do 10 more push-ups
  • I hate holding back

Everyone makes mistakes

This is true.

No one speaks perfect English. Don’t worry about making mistakes.

Learn more here.

I don’t get to wake up when I want to wake up

Get is used in many different ways.

In this case, it means that I don’t decide when I wake up. It’s not my choice.

I need to take care of my children and dogs

To take care of someone/something means to look after.

I made a video on this here.

I get my son my breakfast

Another way to use GET.

In this case, it means to prepare breakfast.

I didn’t MAKE because there wasn’t anything to make.

I need to make sure that my son is ready for school

TO MAKE SURE means to confirm that something happens.

  • can you make sure you get here on time?
  • make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel (do that here!)

I left the house without showering

After words like without, before, after use the gerund.

  • Don’t drink orange juice after brushing your teeth
  • I feel exhausted after playing soccer

In the future, I would like to have more time for work

This is a hypothetical situation.

  • I’d like to be able to have more fun

We used to walk and now we have to drive

I made a lesson on USED TO here. Check it out!

Resources Mentioned

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4 replies
  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    “I get my son my breakfast”.

    It seems to me as a totally unusual way of speaking.

    Please, explain it more.

  2. Nick
    Nick says:

    The Google translator cannot cope with this grammar pattern.

    I guess we can change the words order here:

    I got my dad a sweater.

    I got a sweater for(to) my dad.

    The latter is more clear for a Russian person.

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