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Best resource for learning English

In this English lesson, I introduce one of my favorite resources for learning English.

Video Transcript

Hello. This is Jack from Now, I got an email the other day from somebody who asked me to make more videos about phrases to use when traveling. Now, I am going to introduce more of these videos soon, but i thought this would be a great time to introduce one of my favorite resources for learning a language.

Now, this is a guide to Florence. My wife and I went to Italy about six years ago and I decided to take a quick course on Italian before going there because I wanted to be able to use a few phrases while I was there. now I also got this guide and another phrase book. – I highly recommend phrase books when it comes to learning English both for specific situations when you’re traveling but also to help you learn English in general.

Now, phrase books are normally very accurate and what’s more, they give you the phrases you need to know in specific situations.So, this obviously helps when you’re traveling, when you’re going to your hotel or ordering coffee and things like that. But it’s also going to help you learn grammar and the correct phrases to know in lots of different situations. Now, to get the most out of something like a phrase book, what I recommend you do is to take the phrases and the sentences that are useful for you and learn them. Now, I have a very specific method for this called the sentence method, and you might have heard me talk about this before. And if you have, then i highly recommend checking out the article that I wrote on how to use this method. In summary, what you do is you take sentences that are useful for you, enter them into software, and then go through the sentences on your phone or on your computer in a variety of ways so that you can internalize the words and phrases but also internalize grammar – so, check out the description where there is a link to that article.

My question for you is this do you use phrase books to help you learn English and if you do, do you have a recommendation for other learners? If you have a recommendation, then please share it below. Thank you for watching and I’ll speak to you soon!

What to Do Now:

Check out the sentence method and then share your favorite resources with us.

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  • I don’t have any phrase book to help me learn English . I just take notes whenever I hear useful phrases .