When Is the Perfect Time to Start Your Journey to English Fluency?

Perfect Time Image

The journey to English fluency can be lots of fun and incredibly rewarding. But the question is: when is the perfect time to start this journey?

In this video you will learn the answer to this.

Start Your Journey NOW!

So, the perfect time to get on the road to fluency is NOW. Why?

Because the reasons you use to not start today are just excuses. And you’ll most like just make more excuses next week, month, and year.

No one event is going to make you become fluent in English. Reaching a high level is all about doing lots of small things right. And you can do this by getting into the habit of using English every day – starting small, and then going from there.

For Example:

1. Change the language of your devices into English.
2. Listen to a podcast on the way to work
3. Watch a TV show every night before bed

Are you ready to start your journey? If so, Download our FREE book, and then leave your comment below.

  • Sam

    Hi Jack,
    Check the video at 1:57. There is a typing mistake. Correct the spelling is ‘Language’, not lanuage

    • Ganesh Garapati

      Yes, you’re right, Sam. There was a spelling mistake in this Video. Hope, Jack will re-post this video after making a small correction.

    • Thanks for that Sam. I’ve changed it now!

      • Sam

        you welcome

  • Dana

    Masz piękne lekcje Jack..Pozdrawiam:)

  • Baji

    Guys.. try to give less importance to those typo’s as we are all human beings and mistakes can happen with every one. Instead, I would love to understand the context. Thanks a lot Jack for this wonderful video and most often people including myself will always have some excuses for certain goals. As you said, we should stop excusing and start implementing the things which would help us to achieve our goals.