I’m Okay, Thanks | Learn English Phrases

okay thanks

In this video, you will learn a phrase that you can use to decline something.

Video Transcript

Hello! This is Jack from tofluency.com – I’m still here at the Biltmore estate and I just overheard something which I wanted to share with you. It’s a great phrase to know when you want to say no without being rude. So, inside the Biltmore house they take your photo and you go through a line and they have the camera set up – and it’s very difficult to say no. But a great way that you can say no is by saying “I’m okay, thank you.” or “We’re okay, thank you.”

So, when someone offers you something that’s what you can say – and I heard a family say this
the father said, “No, we’re okay, thank you.” It’s a very polite way to say, “no, thank you.” As you probably already know, a lot of people when speaking English try to be polite; try to refuse things in a polite way, so it’s a great phrase to know if you want to say no when someone asks you something.

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  • Beata Skwierczyńska

    To make the world a friendlier may first everyone should be polite. Here is a very good example.Thank you Jack.