It’s time for some listening practice 🎧

In this lesson, I tell you the story of the time we nearly moved to New York.

Be sure to turn on the subtitles and to learn the vocabulary from this video (notes below)!

Vocabulary and Grammar from this Lesson


My wife and moved in with my parents

To move in with someone means to live in their house.

We had just been in Spain

I used the past perfect because it’s the past of the past.

Just to take it easy for a while

To take it easy means to relax. We didn’t have jobs and had a lot of free time.

We started researching the different areas of New York

This means that we searched for information on where to live in New York.

There’s hardly anything going on

This means that there isn’t a lot of things to do.

We actually had a short list of different places

A short list is a list of possible candidates

And we started to weigh up our options again

To weigh up your options is to look at the options and decide which one is best

On one hand, we had New York. On the other hand, we had Asheville

This is a great example of how to use this phrase.

A place that we could put down roots

To put down roots means to settle in one place; to get a job, a house etc.

We drove down to Asheville

We use drive down here because Asheville is south of where we were. To opposite is to drive up to. 

I think about how life would be different if we had moved to New York.

This is a mixed conditional. It connects the past to the present.

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