Natural Repetition

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Repetition is key in English learning.

It helps you internalize grammar and remember new words and phrases.

Most English learners don’t do enough repetition, mainly because it can be boring.

In this video, I talk about how you can get more natural repetition (in a fun way!) through narrow reading, listening, and watching.

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How to Get More Natural Repetition in English

The more you see a word, listen to a word, and use a word, the more you will be able to use it in the future.

But as I said in the video, most learners don’t get enough repetition.

Narrow reading and listening (and watching) can help with this. Narrowing reading and listening is…

When you read, listen to, and watch things in English on a specific topic.

In the video, I talked about diet as an example. To be more specific, you could choose the Paleo diet and decide to read a book about it, watch a film about it, and then listen to a podcast about it.

The variety of sources (context) will help you use the new grammar and vocabulary when speaking.

Choosing Your Topics

Choose topics that interest you. This is because:

  • Like I always say, you need to have fun while learning English
  • When you use English, you are more likely to talk about topics that interest you with others

Do this for research too. When you are researching your next holiday, get natural repetition by doing all your research in English.

What to Do Now:

1. Tell me what topic you are going to choose to use this method with. Leave your answers below…
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I hope this helps you with your English learning journey!

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