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Update Feb 15: There is a new tutorial – Reading the Smart Way, and also a speaking evaluation.
Update Aug 15: 21 New videos added to the course. Check them out!

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English Transcript

Hello, this is Jack from To Fluency and, first, I want to thank you for purchasing the To Fluency Program. This course is going to help you reach a higher level of and I know that’s what you want. There are too many learners who stay intermediate English speakers and I want to help you reach a higher level. So, purchasing this course shows that you are a serious learner who wants to reach that level.

The main part if the course is made up of 5 different sections. So, Section 1 talks about ‘what is fluency’ and the intermediate barrier and the changes you need to make to reach a higher level. Section 2 talks about how you can immerse yourself in English no matter where you live and how you can make this process fun and effortless. Section 3 talks about how you can internalize grammar and learn new words and phrases. So, it shows you a method that you can use to do this in a natural way, a way in which the grammar just feels natural. And also, you can use new words and phrases in different situations. Section 4 talks about how you can improve your speaking and your writing. How you can use a method to improve your pronunciation and how you can mimic native speakers. But, it also shows you how you can get more natural practice and feedback on your speaking and writing. And then, section 5 is all about your journey and it introduces the 5-Step Plan to English fluency and how you can take action every day so that you can actually achieve your goals.

Additionally, there are also different resources. So, I have different tutorials, worksheets, guides and there’s also a speaking evaluation. So, you can send me some audio where I will give you feedback. Okay, so I’m going to give you feedback on your speaking in this program. You also get full support from me. So, if you have any questions while taking the course, send them in. I’ll answer them personally but also add more videos if more than one person is requesting something.

Lastly, I just want to talk about the word fluency because it’s used all the time by English learners, English teachers and companies and fluency means to reach a C1 level of English and beyond. So, once you reach the C1 level then things become much easier. You can understand virtually everything you hear. You can have conversations without thinking about the grammar rules and vocabulary. Everything just works in English. So, this is the level you want to reach. I’ll have more information about that below this video. So, thank you for watching this first video and I’ll see you in the course.

What’s in the Program?

There is a speaking evaluation, the course, tutorials, resources, and worksheets.

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I am here to support you on your journey. In addition to giving you feedback on your speaking, I will also answer any questions you have about learning English* and give you feedback on your worksheets.

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Where to Start?

Take a look around the course and feel free to send me your speaking evaluation at any time.