How to Learn English in a Non English-Speaking Country (AJ #23)

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Can you learn English without moving to an English-speaking country? Find out in this episode of Ask Jack.

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Max is here. Okay… Thanks for your help. I’m loving your speech and instructions. Is it really possible to improve my English if I don’t live in a country where people speak English as their native language? I’m from Brazil. Thanks a lot.

Great to have you here,max. This is a question I get a lot, and you know, a lot of you want to know this. Is it possible to learn English in Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, you know, Azerbaijan – in countries where it’s not the native language?

And yes. You can reach a high level of English no matter where you live. The internet has changed that. Completely. Think about 15-20 years ago: to be able to listen to English conversation in Brazil, you had to buy those CDs from a language school or a book store that were really expensive. Or you had to buy the cassettes (before the CDs). But now, you can have free conversations on a variety of different topics – an unlimited amount of audio playing in your ear all the time. As much as you want to have it. And that’s what you need, you know, as an English learner you need lots and lots of input.

You’re able to practice your English, you’re able to watch TV in English, you’re able to have conversations online, you’re able to take these lessons, you’re able to sign up for courses online. Obviously, if you live in foreign country, you’ll have more spontaneous conversations – and it is easier to get the input; to listen to conversational English. But you can set up your own world of English no matter where you’re from. And you just have to do the best you can with what you have. So, if you live in Brazil, then you can – as I said before – you can listen to things online, listen to podcasts, listen to radio shows, watch TV, have conversations with people online – and in you live in a very busy area with English speakers, you can make English-speaking friends no matter where you are as well.

So, it’s definitely possible. And yeah – it’s just about you making the most of the resources on offer.

Can You Learn English without Moving to an English-Speaking Country?

The short answer is YES!

The long answer is this…

The digital revolution has allowed anyone to get enough speaking practice and input. For example, here is a video I made on how to get more speaking practice on your own.

It’s all about setting up your own English environment. Listen to as much English as possible. Do as much as you can in English.

There are advantages when moving to an English-speaking country. However, for most, this isn’t possible.

Make the most of what you have and know that you can make fast progress no matter where you live.

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