Learn English Downtown and in My Garden ☺️


Over the past couple of days, I have been making English lessons outside.

I wanted to give you something a little different so that you can learn English in a fun way.

Firstly, here is the video I made in downtown Asheville (where I live). There is a lot of new words to learn here:

You can watch this video and learn English on YouTube here.

Another video I made was in my garden.

I show you around and talk about what I’m going to do in the coming weeks and months to make it look better.

Learn English in my garden on YouTube here.

Here is some vocabulary from this lesson:

– yard vs garden (American vs British English )
– Get rid of something (throw away or sell)
Put on (the cover for the trampoline)
– rake the leaves
– a fenced-in yard
– compost bins
– raised beds
– mulch (see a picture here)

Thanks for watching!