Can You Learn English through Shadowing? Learn How to Use This Method and Why You Might Want to Do Something Else Instead

Shadowing speak English

Shadowing has become a popular way for learners to improve their speaking.

In the video and article below, you’re going to learn how to use this method, what you should do if you follow it, and an alternative that you might prefer.

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What Is Shadowing and How to Do it Properly?

Shadowing is a method where you listen to audio in English and repeat what you hear.

You don’t pause the audio. Instead, you listen and speak at the same time.

While this has become a popular method, it might not help you, especially regarding pronunciation. It is difficult to repeat while listening at the same time when listening to natural English.

You might end up mumbling, or worse, getting into bad habits.

If you currently use this method, try this: record yourself while shadowing. If you sound good, great! If not, you should consider using a different method instead.

The Imitation Method or LRRCR

LRRCR stands for: listen, repeat, record, compare, long-term repetition.

This puts more focus on how your pronunciation.

By pausing the audio, recording yourself, and then comparing your version with the original, you can make changes. Once you are happy with how you say this, you can then get long-term repetition.

Learn more about this method here.

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