It’s here!

I’m so excited to share the pilot episode (test) of our new podcast here at To Fluency.

My wife and I have been talking about doing this for a while. And yesterday, we sat down and recorded our first conversation.

This will give you the ability to listen to a real English conversation in both British and American English.

This pilot episode is all about Thanksgiving. Here it is!

Listen using SoundCloud or watch on YouTube.

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Lesson Notes

☆ We’re hoping she’s going to be quiet – notice that I use ‘hope’ in the continuous? Learn more about ‘hope’ here:

☆ Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Learn more about this here.

☆ That’s what it boils down to – this is a great phrase to mean “the main reason for something.”

☆ Put on a parade – to organize a parade (phrasal verb)

☆ It’s a pretty big milestone – a significant event

☆ I did not grow up eating that – learn about grow up here

☆ Potluck – a party where everyone brings a dish. For Thanksgiving, people are assigned a certain dish

☆ To go back for seconds – to get another plate of food after eating your first

☆ It has a special place in everyone’s heart – This means that’s it’s emotionally important. Learn more here

☆ Black Friday has become a huge thing now – this means that Black Friday is important and widespread

☆ I’m a person who leaves it to the last minute – I wait until near the deadline to do something. I used this phrase here

☆ I didn’t take those days off – I worked those days

☆ It’s going to be very difficult to travel with two children – I’m sure you know what this means!


What did you think about this podcast? I hope you enjoyed it. If so, we’ll make more episodes soon!

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4 replies
  1. Diego Cañarte
    Diego Cañarte says:

    Hello Jack:
    I loved this episode, the methodology seemed me fantastic because you have at the same time both pronunciation American a British English that are different. Your wife has a beautiful voice and her pronunciation is fantastic. I believe you pass the test and therefore you can continue with your idea. Congratulations. Regards

  2. Moisés Rocha
    Moisés Rocha says:

    Hello Jack and wife. I really enjoyed your podcast and hopefully will come more episodes. I hope so! (Mollie Tai, nice to meet you here too.)

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