One Weekend, Three Parties – Everyday English Listening Practice

one weekend

Listen to what I did this weekend in this video. It gives you great English listening practice.

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(Video Transcript)

Hello, everybody! This is Jack from I’m here outside again,  it’s Sunday afternoon, my son is in bed, my wife is doing some work so I thought I  should do some work as well and make a video for you all. Now, last week I made a video on my weekend. It was simple video I, just talked about my weekend but it had  fantastic feedback so I thought why not do another one of those videos. So, it’s  been a crazy weekend. Last weekend was quite boring – this weekend was the  opposite and there’s still more to come as well this afternoon.

So on Friday, we tried to get a babysitter because a friend who lives down the street – it was her birthday – and she wanted to go out and celebrate. Now a lot of people in the U.S…. when they go out for their birthday usually they go for a meal and then they go to a bar or a club or something like that. Now, we live in quite a
residential area there aren’t many opportunities to go to a club near where we live. There is in downtown Asheville but not where we live here, however, there’s one very cool place to go – I’ll talk about that in a second. So, because we couldn’t find a babysitter, we decided that my wife should go to the meal then she came back home and then I went out to a couple of bars and then to this cool place. So, it was fantastic – I drank so much. I don’t normally drink a lot but this Friday I had a lot to drink. We went dancing, we met a lot of people and just  basically had a really good time.

So, Saturday morning I was in a terrible state. I found it very difficult to get out of bed and it very difficult to even drink coffee, so I wasn’t feeling very good, but I soon recovered around lunch time and then my wife went on a party – sorry went to a party, so I was gonna say she went to a bachelorette party. So, this is when somebody is getting married, and before they get married they have a celebration and this is a good difference between British and American English because in British English we say a hen party or a hen do and this just means bachelorette party. So, this is when the woman goes out  and celebrates with her friends. So, my wife went to that party, she had a lot of  fun – and by the way, for men it’s a bachelor party or in British English  a stag do – stag do – so very different, very different, but she had a really good time.

She went to a place called wine and design and this is where you drink wine and also paint at the same time. It’s a very popular thing to do at the moment then she went to a tapas bar and then I think she went to another bar after that and came home before midnight. So that was a lot of fun and I don’t know what I’m going to do this afternoon. It all depends on how my wife feels but because it’s a beautiful day and it’s not too hot, we’re probably going to go out somewhere, maybe go for a walk and then go somewhere in the evening. So, tell me what you did last weekend.

Hopefully, you found this useful – to get more listening practice, be sure to check out my other videos on this too. I make a lot of videos that give you this conversational English everyday English, so be sure to check those out. Thank you for watching, see you next time!

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  • Well, I went out with my best friend, we hanged around the beach and we had dinner with each other. How about you?

  • Abhishek Kumar

    well, I watched movie and cocked something special. And I watched many of your videos on YouTube. I read novel.