Instagram is constantly adding new interactive features that make the platform fun to use.

It is also the perfect platform for learning English. For example, take a look at one of our latest posts:

The first picture gives you a question. The second one the answer. And the third slide is a video with an explanation and more examples. Cool, right?

Following us, other teachers, and accounts you enjoy will make your feed an English-learning resource that will help you on your journey to fluency.

As teachers love Instagram, it won’t be difficult to find interesting posts and stories (recommended accounts at the bottom of this post!) for you to enjoy.

First, here are some tips to maximize your learning experience on this platform.

Seven Tips: How to Learn English on Instagram

To maximize your English learning, follow these tips:

1: Save posts so that you can repeat lessons

Repetition is key. Instead of taking a lesson once, repeat it. Instagram makes this easier for you through their saving post schedule.

click the icon to save posts

Then, click the menu on your profile to see saved posts. You can create collections to organize everything.

2: Follow accounts other than English teachers

Follow English teachers. And then, take some time to follow other English-speaking accounts. For example, if you like football, follow football players who post in English.

Do this for celebrities you like or anyone who talks about topics that you’re interested in.

This gives you English in small chunks. It’s easy to digest as videos are always under one minute and captions are short. Pictures also give you context so that you can better understand what is being said.

You can also follow hashtags. I follow #learn and #entrepreneur. Do a quick search and follow what interests you.

The idea is that through following teachers and other English-speaking accounts, your feed is full of English for you to learn.

3: Post Comments and Send Messages

Get involved and practice your writing

In order to improve your writing skills, you need to write.

Again, a platform like Instagram allows you to do this easily and without having to write essays. There are a few ways in which you can practice:

  1. Leave comments under lessons. Some teachers will correct any mistakes you make.
  2. Send messages to teachers. Again, some will reply to you.
  3. Leave comments during live lessons.
  4. Interact with other people on any type of post

Here’s another tip: change the language of your keyboard into English. You might have done this anyway. A big benefit of having your keyboard in English is that it corrects mistakes for you.

Having said that, you are still going to make mistakes. That’s okay. Learn from them and keep going!

The more you do, the more you’ll understand grammar, word structure, prepositions, and everything else that makes up the English language.

4: Create flashcards from what you learn

This will help you retain what you learn.

Repetition is a big part of gaining a high level of English. You already know that, right? If you don’t repeat something, you’ll soon forget it.

A powerful way to internalize (be able to use without thinking!) any vocabulary or sentence you want to learn is to use digital flashcards.

I’m sure you have used flashcards before. However, digital flashcards are easier to use as the software takes care of everything for you.

Simply copy a sentence and create a digital flashcard from it using an app such as Anki.

Or if you prefer, you can join the To Fluency Program and download our ready-made flashcards based on our YouTube lessons!

Learn more about that here.

Or watch the video below for an introduction.

5. Request to join live lessons

When a teacher gives a live lesson, they have the ability to invite those who are watching to join them.

I’ve done this before and it’s a lot of fun. If you are using your phone, you can request to join the lesson. The teacher will ask you questions and chat with you.

This might not be for everyone because you will have to speak English while everyone is watching. Know that the majority of communities are very supportive.

Those who have joined my lessons before have really enjoyed it. They felt very excited about being able to practice with a teacher. Again, you are going to make mistakes. Don’t worry too much about this. Learn from your mistakes and remember the correct way to say things by creating flashcards!

Be sure to turn on notifications so that you know when your favorite teacher goes live.

6: Post videos of you speaking English

This is a little more advanced. However, you can post videos of you speaking English:

  1. on your normal Instagram feed
  2. in a story
  3. as a message

Part of the journey to fluency is becoming more confident. Don’t wait until you’re perfect to start. Instead, start speaking today.

Posting your first video might be difficult. It might make you feel nervous. You might be shy. If this is holding you back (stopping you from doing it), then start small.

Start with a story or a message. Join a message group with other English learners. Create 5-second videos. Then 10-second videos. Then, keep going.

Here is a video that will motivate you to overcome your fear of speaking in English:

7: Forget that you’re learning English and enjoy the content

There are two types of reading:

  1. Intensive reading
  2. Extensive reading

With the first type, you analyze the language that you’re reading so that you can improve your vocabulary and grammar. You are focusing on the language more than the general content.

With the second type, you are reading for fun. I want you to do more of that. Instagram is the perfect platform for this. You are in control of the content you see. Following accounts that are engaging and fun will help you get the right type of input so that you learn in a more natural way.

Don’t always be focused on grammar rules and new phrasal verbs. Let this all happen naturally through massive input. Read, watch, laugh, enjoy, and make your Instagram experience as much fun as possible.

English Teachers on Instagram

Here is a list of English who you can follow:

@tofluency (us!)

Anyone else? Let me know in the comment section.

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