Learn English Idioms: Feel Like a New Person

feel like a new person

In this English lesson, I share a great idiom to know.

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Video Transcript

Last night, I did not get much sleep at all. It took me so long to finally go to sleep, so I woke up this morning and I felt shattered. I felt exhausted; really tired.

However, I’ve just had some tea and some coffee and now i feel like a new person. So this is a great phrase to know: feel like a new person, and this just means to feel revived and re-energize and maybe fresh again. Now, another way you can use it is after taking a shower. So, before a shower, you might feel dirty. When you take a shower and you feel like a new person, it revives you.

Now, what I want you to do is to tell me when you feel like a new person in the comments section below. What activities help you feel like a new person. So, thank you for watching this video, see you guys next time!

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  • Beata Skwierczyńska

    I feel like a new person or like the sun illuminated the world around me or like if the sun had awakened a new day when I have a nice cup of coffee. I just love coffee. After that I feel great and that I can do all things even “impossible”.

  • Vera Lucia Figueiredo Nogueira

    Wow yeah my friend Beata I have to say the same…hhhh I feel like a new person when I have a cup of coffee!!!