How Children Learn English and What You Can Learn from This

how children learn english

It’s been very interesting to see how my son’s English has developed since he started talking.

I’ve observed how he learns, what helps him, and how he uses English on a daily basis.

I’ve managed to highlight three reasons why he makes such fast progress.

Yes, I know that growing up in America is key. However, I want to expand on this as I think it will help you.

#1: He Imitates Others

This can be dangerous for us as we need to watch what we say.

But this is important: my son copies what others say. He copies what his teachers say, what we say, and what his friends say.

He copies both phrases and the way these phrases are said. He knows what intonation to use when he’s angry. He knows how to stress specific words.

I believe that as an adult learner, imitating others is the best way to improve your speaking.

Here is more on this method.

#2: He Isn’t Afraid of Making Mistakes

My son doesn’t care if he makes mistakes.

He just wants to be understood.

As an adult learner, you know doubt feel shy and HATE making mistakes.

However, in order to improve, you need to practice speaking. When you speak, you’ll make mistakes.

The key is to learn from them.

#3: He Has a Strong Desire to Learn

To survive in society, you need to speak the language.

Children understand this and want to learn as quickly as possible. They have a huge desire to learn.

This means that he’s consistently working on his English and improving it.

Do you have a strong desire to learn English?

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