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Watch Vlogs to Learn Conversational English

As I mentioned in the video, vlogs are a fantastic way to listen to conversational English. I compared this to watching the news and tv shows. Although I recommend watching the news, it is not the best source for conversational English. TV shows and movies are great when it comes to learning everyday English, but vlogs might just be better.

Vlogs are video logs, and this is where people upload videos of their life. There are different types of vlogs out there, for example, there are business vlogs, travelling vlogs, and also general vlogs where people talk about their daily life.

The biggest benefit of watching vlogs is that they have real, authentic English in them. This means that you are going to learn the type of English that real people use on a daily basis. Additionally, most people update their vlogs daily and because of this, it’s easy to get hooked on these videos, making them part of your daily routine.

To take it a step further, why not upload your own vlogs in English. You can talk about anything, but a good starting point is keeping a log of your journey to fluency. Include updates, new language you have learned, and ask for feedback from others.

Popular Vlogs

Here are some popular vlogs that you can start with. If you enjoy a vlog, subscribe to it and then make it part of your routine to watch it.

Casey Niestat
Fun for Louis
Pointless Vlog
Jack’s Gap
Hey Nadine

This is just a small collection of the different vlogs out there. To find something closer to your interests, try searching “interest + vlog” in YouTube.

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7 replies
  1. Lena Onyshchenko
    Lena Onyshchenko says:

    Hi! Thanks for the article, I’ve also come to the conclusion that learning English with vlogs is both fun and useful and I wanted to find out if anyone thinks like me and get a recommendation on some good vlogs to watch. I’m sure to watch all the vlogs that you recommended )) In return, I’d like to share two vlogs that are my favourites for now ))
    The first one is called ‘DudeLikeHella’
    It would be more interesting to watch for adults I guess because the guy shares his life in Alaska with his adorable wife and they are about to have a baby! )).. Their English is quite understandable for intermediate and upper intermediate level
    Another vlogger that I can’t stop watching is Danisnotonfire

    This one might be interesting for teenagers and young adults and well.. those who love the British accent ))
    Best wishes from Ukraine to all the learners and teachers of English ))

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