English Listening Practice #3: My Trip to the Jungle

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In the latest vlog post, you are going to learn some really useful English related to my trip to the jungle.

I talk about the bus ride, going on the boat, staying in a hut, looking for snakes, piranhas, and alligators, and swimming with dolphins.

There are a few notes from the video below, but be sure to download the full lesson plan to really help your English (see below).

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My Trip to the Jungle

I had a wonderful time in the jungle. Although, it was a little scary at times. I’m glad I finally entered the river, but looking back now, it was a little crazy.

Here are two quick notes from the lesson:

  • Packed bus – lots of people on the bus
    The bar was packed last night
  • 3-night staynotice how we use the singular here It’s a 24-hour bus journey

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