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In this video lesson, you’re going to hear an inspiring quote and how this relates to learning English.


Video Transcript

Hello! This is Jack from tofluency.com, and in this video I have a quote for you. And it’s a quote that is going to help you with your long-term plan of reaching a high level of English. The quote is from Jim Rohn and it is this: “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” the message here is that you shouldn’t focus on worrying about the English language, you know, and complaining about whether it is too difficult, you know, that the English language is difficult to learn, but instead, you should focus on the changes you need to make in order to achieve your goals.

There is nothing you can do about changing the complexity of English grammar or changing the amount of words and phrases you need to learn in order to speak English fluently, so it’s a waste of time; it’s not going to help you, so as Jim Rohn says, focus on what you can do in order to get better at English and the good news is there are many changes that you can make today that are going to help you with this process. This is something I go through in-depth inside my book, and if you want to
premium version of this, I also have an audio book and a program that’s going to help you. You can check out those resources in the description below.

But know that is so important that you focus on how you can change in order to reach your goals because if you keep doing the same things and they’re not working then you’re never going to progress, so think about the changes that you can implement today and that you can implement over time so that you make faster progress to English fluency. And as I say, this is where I can help you.

So, check out the resources I have in the description and take action; make those changes you need to make and start getting better. So, please share this video with anyone who will find it useful and thank you for watching!

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