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In this English lesson, you’re going to learn how to answer the question, “How’s it going?”

Video Transcript

Hello! This is Jack from, and welcome to this English lesson where we’re going to look at the phrase: How’s it going? How’s it going? Now, this is a common question to ask people – people that you know when you see them again. So, for example, when I go to play football and I see my teammates they say to me: How’s it going? How’s it going? And this is a little bit more informal than ‘how are you?’ So, know that is used in informal settings, especially with people you already know.

Now, to answer this question keep it simple – keep it simple. People aren’t asking you for a long-winded answer – for a long answer here. They don’t really want to know everything about your life at this situation. Answers that they expect are things like ‘it’s going good’ or ‘good, thanks’ ‘pretty good’ ‘not too bad.’ So, we keep the answer here quite short when we’re answering this question.

Also, a very common thing to do here is to say: ‘what about you?’ or just simply ‘you?’ at the end of answering this question. So, you might say: ‘good, you? or ‘good, what about you?’ So, this is just a very simple way to start a conversation. Usually, when we meet someone for the first time we keep our answers short at the beginning and then we start to elaborate and expand on our answers later when we get into a conversation about something specific.

So, for example, a conversation might go like this: ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ ‘Hood thanks, you?’ ‘Not too bad.’ ‘Good.’ So, it’s very, you know, it’s very short with these short answers, but then you start to expand and talk a little bit more about your life at this stage. Be sure to look at the description for the written answers so that you can read these answers and memorize them.

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Did you notice that we’re using ‘good’ with the verb ‘go’? This might be breaking a grammar rule, however, this is what people say.

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