How to Use ‘to be’ in the Continuous Form

To be continuous

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In this lesson, I explain how you can use ‘being’ in English.

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Being – How and When to Use It

‘Being’ comes from the verb ‘to be’.

This isn’t normally used in the present continuous tense. For example, you say:

  • I am bored (not I am being bored)

However, you can use it in the continuous tense to talk about temporary actions.

Imagine that your friend is normally unselfish. But today, she doesn’t want to share anything with you. You can say:

  • You’re being really unselfish today.

This describes a temporary behaviour.

Another way to use ‘being’ is with verb patterns. For example:

  • I enjoy being right all the time.

Finally, you can use ‘being’ as a subject or after a preposition.

  • Being older has many advantages.
  • I haven’t thought about being a teacher before.

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