How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills (Video)

Improve English Speaking

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The number one question I get from English learners is:

“How can I improve my English speaking skills?”

In this video, I give advice on how you can do this. And then in the article below, I expand on the video and give you more resources.

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How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

As I said in the video, working on your general English is going to help your English speaking. For example, the more vocabulary and phrases you know, the more variety you will have in your English.

There are two main ways that you can improve your English speaking:

  • Natural practice
  • Focused learning

Getting natural practice just means having conversations with other people in English. This helps you get the English speaking practice you need, in addition to getting natural input. Many learners forget that listening to natural conversations is a powerful way to learn English.

The second way to improve your speaking is to do something that I call focused learning. This is doing specific things, on your own or with a teacher, to help you improve.

One example of this is to work on your pronunciation. It will make a massive difference if you can say the difference sounds in English correctly, in addition to using the correct intonation, rhythm, and stress. As I mentioned, not enough learners spend enough time on their pronunciation.

A second example of focused learning is to mimic native speakers. Here is how to get started with this method:

  • Find audio of native/proficient speakers
  • Listen and repeat

It’s easy to find audio: tv shows, podcasts, interviews are three good examples.

To take it further, you can record your version, and then compare it to the original. Note only will this help you make the changes you need to make to improve your pronunciation, but it will help you remember new words and phrases so that you can use them in natural conversation.

Using a combination of both natural and focused learning will help you improve your English speaking skills. What you focus on depends on your level and your weaknesses.

What to Do Now:

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  • nur

    I speak in English every day, sometimes I cannot find anyone to speak,but it doesn’t
    matter ,i speak to walls.It is a little crazy but so funny

    • Diana

      Don’t you want to speak to me every day ? then you don’t have to speak to walls 🙂

      • nur

        I’d love to speak to you

  • mmm

    Once or twice a week. Just to exchange few words with my coworkers who speak English only. It’s difficult to start and continue conversations with them.

    • Have you tried other ways to get more practice?

  • mohammed

    Thanks.I don’t speak English in my life becouse I m from country not English native speakrs .But I listning Engilsh every day about one hour and reading every day too .

  • Nafa

    Unfortunately, I speak English twice a week on my English courses and I usually try to speak with myself. Maybe it’s more like thinking in English, than speaking) I want for a long time to converse with someone online, but I always recall about it, when I don’t have enough time.
    P.S. Opening (or beginning) of your videos is so cool! 😀

    • Thanks Nafa, I’m glad you like intro. I recommend mimicking native speakers like I explained in the video.

  • Almir L de Sá

    I have tried to do the best, but, rarely I find friends to speak in English. I listen to (in English) music, watch TV, and also read English books a lot.

  • Daniel

    You really have great ideas on your blog. Thanks for that! I’m always glad to get new inspiration on my English learning journey!

  • Rebekah Zhu

    Hi, Jack, thank you so much, it’s helpful. I speak English everyday, because I have a national housemate, I have confidence to speak English not because my English is good, my housemate she encourages me a lot, but I still want to learn and improve my English. And I followed your video on Facebook, but there is a lot of videos on it, which one can I start at the beginning?