How to Learn English Grammar in a Natural Way (AJ #10)

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It’s time to talk about grammar.

More specifically, how to learn English grammar.

Watch the video below, read the summary, and then answer the question at the end.

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Hello! This is Jack from to fluency.com and this is episode 10 of  Ask Jack – he free series why I answer your questions about learning English and English language.

So, today’s question is all about grammar so take it away Amalia… Amalia from Spain asks, “How important is grammar if I want to speak English correctly?” Thank you so much for this question. Now, what I think you might be asking is, “how important is it to study grammar in order to speak English correctly?” So, I’ll come to that in a minute – but firstly grammar is really important because it’s the entire system or the structure of the language so when we think about sentence structure and tenses and using the right prepositions we’re talking about grammar.

So, it’s a really important thing. What’s interesting though is that native speakers, generally speaking, can use grammar correctly – they can speak English correctly, but the majority of them aren’t aware of things like the present perfect or propositions or verb patterns or the sentence structure and explaining why we do things in certain ways. Now, as an English teacher I’m aware of this; I know a lot about grammar and the rules for grammar, the exceptions and everything else that comes with it – but the majority of English speakers aren’t aware of this. But the reason that native speakers can use grammar correctly is because they have a acquired the language in a natural way. They have grown up practicing – getting lots of lots of input; getting corrected when they make mistakes and, therefore, they can use English correctly – and what happens is it just feels right.

You know, we don’t think about the rules when we’re speaking it just feels right in those situations. To highlight this I want you to think about the verb ‘to be’ ok so the verb ‘to be’. Now this is an irregular and most English learners they get a little bit scared about irregular verbs and they say “these are really difficult.” “Irregular verbs are hard” but I’m sure that you’re very aware and you can use without thinking things like ‘I am; he is; you are” you can conjugate this verb without thinking and this is because you have seen this over and over and over and over again. You have said “I am” so many times – “I am tired; I am Jack; I am in the house.” You have said “you are” so many times before so, therefore, it just feels right for you – it just feels natural because you’ve had this repetition and you’ve had so much input where it just feels natural.

Now, the traditional way of learning grammar is to learn the rules, to learn the exceptions, to learn the usage of this, and then to practice in textbooks and in exercise books. Now, this can help – you know, knowing how to use it and knowing the rules for tenses and different parts of grammar can help – it helps you get an overview of how it is used and it leads you in the right direction. But you want to reach a stage where things just feel right. Where you don’t need to go over the rules in your head and then formulate a sentence; instead, you just want to be able to speak and use the correct tenses and the prepositions and the sentence structure.

Now, to reach this stage you need to get lots of input and this just means listening to things; watching things; and reading things in English – it means having conversations with people; it means using English in a natural way and it also means getting lots of repetition.

So, we need to get repetition in order for it just to feel right. Now, inside the To Fluency Program which is my premium course you can learn about the methods so that you can get all this input and all this repetition and learn English in a natural way. But a good way just to get started right now is to do something that I call narrow reading and listening and I talked about this in one of my other videos she can watch that now, but to go back to your question grammar is really important we need to be able to use grammar correctly in order to speak correctly – but that doesn’t mean you have to use the traditional ways to learn it. Instead, we can do it the smart way by getting lots of inputs and getting the repetition we need.

Now, my question for this video is this: when you were in school, did you memorize verb tables? So, when you were in school or a language school, did you memorize tables? Leave your answers below this video, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!

How Important Is English Grammar to Speak Properly?

Firstly, grammar is important. It is the structure or the system of the language. Using the right grammar means that you can form sentences and speak English correctly.

However, the question I think Amalia is asking is: “How important is studying grammar if I want to speak English correctly?”

Something interesting here is that native speakers use grammar correctly, however, the majority of them can’t explain the rules.

This is because the tenses, prepositions, sentence structure etc. just feels right.

Think about the verb to be.

You can conjugate this properly – I am, he is, you are etc. – even though it is an irregular verb. You are able to do this because you have done this or seen this many times. You’ve had sufficient repetition.

Learning the rules and the usage of grammar can help. It can give you a better understanding.

But to speak naturally without thinking takes input and repetition.

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