Advanced English Conversation about Houses

In the latest episode of Real English Conversations, Kate and I talk about houses.

You’re going to learn vocabulary such as:

  • to live out in the country
  • semi-detached
  • to be obsessed with real estate
  • and much more

Be sure to check out all the fluency phrases below this video.

Fluency Phrases from This Lesson

Obsessed with real estate.
The way that people live.
The way that they sell houses.
I love seeing what people do with their spaces.

So many neat old homes.
Craftsmen style houses.
The places that we grew up in.
I grew up in a really small town.
A magical place to grow up.

Tucked away back in the woods.
Very quiet and suburban.
Situated in the woods.
Out in the country.
A very nice neighborhood.

We had what we call the detached house.
A very traditional brick style house.
We had an extension put on.
I have so many fond memories.
We moved to Spain.

The industrial revolution.
They went out of favor.
Close proximity to the factory.
We have lived in all sorts of places.
We had lived in ten different houses.

We had moved all of our belongings ten different times.
The style of houses.
Stonework houses.
A rough neighborhood.
That will stand the test of time.

Family friendly area.
Story of the three pigs.
I found it quite strange when I moved here.
Apartment is American English
Flat is British English

Figuring out the basic things.
How to rent a house.
How to buy a cell phone.
A finders fee to the real estate agent.
Standing out on the balcony at dusk.

Out in the country it’s lovely.
Simple but nice style.
That’s an amazing place to be.
The biggest trade off.
Peace and quiet.

To be very frugal.
Trying to put pressure on us.
Dream House.
Particular features in a house.
An unlimited budget.


Detached Houses
Semi-detached houses
Town House

Traditional terrace houses
Traditional brick style house
Victorian style
Craftsman style


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