How to Use Hope: Three Examples | Learn English Grammar and Phrases

How to Use Hope in English - 3 Eamples

In this lesson, you’ll see three examples using ‘hope’. I then have a writing task for you!

Video Transcript

Recently, I made a video where I talked about how we can use ‘going to’ to predict the future and also talk about our future intentions, and the question I asked was this: who do you think is going to win Euro 2016? A couple of people responded to this question telling me who they want to win. But they did this by using ‘wish’, however, that is incorrect.

The verb we want to use here is ‘hope’, for example, I can say I hope England win, so notice that sentence structure: I hope England win. I’ve made a couple of videos on hope and wish already, please check them out in the description, but I want to just give a couple more examples now using hope. Here is another example: I hope you have a great weekend. I hope you have a great weekend. And notice the sentence structure again: I hope you have a great weekend. And another example for you: I hope my son takes a nap today. I hope my son takes a nap today.

Currently, he is upstairs with my wife and he is still awake, but I hope he takes a nap today. To practice this please leave a comment below using hope. I read and correct every response I see, so thank you for watching this video, be sure to like and share it if you have found it useful, and also check out the description for those two other videos. Thank you for watching!

What to Do Now:

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  • Beata Skwierczyńska

    I hope that I can manage with the heavy suitcase. I hope you are doing well. I hope this lesson helps me in my English.

    • Thanks for sharing these great examples!