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Great to be back - learn English phrases

I’ve just returned home after a long trip and it’s great to be back!

Learn what this English phrase means and learn other useful phrases in this English video lesson.


Video Transcript

Hello! This is Jack from tofluency.com and welcome to this video where I’m going to talk about driving home from our vacation and also a really good phrase to use once you get home. Now, I just use this phrase on Instagram and actually said it to my wife when we got home and it is this:
it’s great to be back. It is great to be back. Now this phrase just means thatIi’m happy to be home. I’m happy that we have come back from our vacation because it was a long journey home. It took us two days; we had to stay overnight about halfway and today, especially, was very difficult because my son was uncomfortable in the car;
he spilled water on himself; he had to go to the potty a lot so it’s been a very very difficult day coming back today. But as I say it’s great to be back.

Before we go away we always try to leave the house as clean as possible because when you get back to a dirty house it’s not very nice. So luckily, we had some time to clean the house before we left but when we got back, I brought in all the bags, I emptied the food bag, put stuff back into the refrigerator, I put a wash on, I put clothes away and generally just organized everything from our trip and then once I do this, I can start to relax again. So, after I put everything away my son and I we played soccer and then we had a water fight in the garden and getting soaked with water is a great way to feel refreshed after a long journey.

After our water fight, we came inside and it started to get really dark outside. There were some black clouds and we could hear thunder in the background.
Now, you can probably hear that now but the storm has passed through and this just means that the storm came and it has gone, although, you can still hear that thunder in the background now. So, it was great to get this rain because it’s been so dry here and everyone has been telling us that it didn’t rain the entire time that we were away. So, we watched the thunderstorm and then we had dinner and now my wife is putting my son to bed.

So right now, I feel completely relaxed and refreshed after our long trip. No,w to help you learn more English vocabulary and to help you learn sentence structures and grammar, I’ve left some of the phrases I have used in this video below. So please be sure to check that out, it’s going to give you some extra examples and an explanation of the different vocabulary that I used and then once you’ve done that, if you haven’t done so already, get my free book it’s the five-step plan for English fluency.

The last thing is a question for you, so what I want you to do is to answer the following question: do you like to get organized as soon as you come home from a vacation or a trip somewhere or do you leave things until the next day? Please let me know in the comments section below. So, thank you again for watching!

Vocabulary and Phrases from the Lesson:

0:14Follow me on Instagram here

0:23It’s great to back – This means that I’m happy to be home

1:06Leave the house as clean as possible – We can leave something in a certain way, especially when talking about cleanliness.

1:24Put stuff back into the refrigerator – this is similar to ‘put away‘.

1:27Put a wash on – do the laundry / do the washing

1:45Have a water fight – we used the hosepipe to spray each other with water in a fun way.

1:58Get darksee here

2:10The storm has passed through – the storm came and went.

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  • Beata Skwierczyńska

    When you return home after a trip or vacation – we appreciate our home.
    Home sweet home!!!

  • Latef

    Waw it seemed like you have a good weather. In my country it’s get dark at 6 pm and start getting light at 5 am.