Go vs Come & Go Back vs Come Back (AJ #22)

Go vs Come

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I have a great question today…

This involves two phrasal verbs. Check it out…

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Hello. This is Jack from tofluency.com and this video we’re going to look at the difference between go and come – go back and come back. Zara asks, “What’s the difference between come back and go back?” thank you for this great question so I’m going to actually show you some examples and give an explanation of the difference between come and go and then I’ll show you some examples using the phrasal verbs that you asked about.

So to go somewhere means to go to another place and we use this when we’re talking about going to a place away from the speaker. And we use come when we’re talking about coming to the place where we are now towards the speaker – to give you a better understanding of this here are two examples.

Now, imagine that I’m at home and I say to my wife, “Want to go to Juicy Lucy’s? Now, Juicy Lucy’s is a burger restaurant near where we live and you can see a picture of a very large burger… but we use go because we’re going away from the speaker. Want to go to Juicy Lucy’s?” But then imagine I’m on the phone to a friend and I say to my friend, “Want to come here tonight? Want to come here tonight?” Because this is moving towards me. I’m here and I want my friend to come here. But my friend says to his friend, “I’m going to Jack’s house tonight” because again my friend is moving away from the speaker from himself. Now, there’s a little exception here and it’s a good one to know when you’re talking about your home, use come so I’m in the park and I say to a friend, “Want to come for dinner tonight?” Now, this is not moving towards me because I’m in the park but when we use home we always use come.

Now here are some examples with come back and go back… “We’re thinking of going back to Valencia for a few days next year.” So again, this is moving away from me – from the speaker.

And then, in a shop, they say, “Come back and see us again.” so they want you, in the future, to return and come back to see them. So, hopefully, that has given you a better understanding of the difference between come and go and also come back and go back.

Now, I’ve got a question for you… “Where have you been that you would love to go back to? So think about the places that you have traveled to and let me know where you would love to go back to. So, leave your comments below this video, thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

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