How Do You Get to Work? English Phrases and Writing Practice

get to work - english travel phrases

Here is a quick lesson for you. Practice your English writing by answering the question I ask in this video.

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How Do You Get to Work? (Video Transcript)

Hey, guys! This is Jack from Welcome to this quick video. I’m currently trying to avoid getting run over. I’m currently walking home from dropping my son off at daycare. So, it’s just after 9 AM here. It’s Wednesday morning. And I wanted to make a quick video talking about commuting. And going to work, going to school, and things like that.

So, I’m very fortunate because my son goes to daycare just around the corner. Now, this is a phrase to mean ‘very close’ – so, it’s very close by (where his daycare is). So, on days like this, even though it’s a little bit gray, when it’s dry and not too cold and not too hot, I like to walk and take him in the stroller. So, that’s what I did this morning. And it just starts off the day very well, you know, just to start walking and to walk back too. So, it’s something I, obviously, enjoy doing. If it’s too wet or if it’s too hot, I will take the car. And sometimes, I take the car as well because I go to the gym after. But I’m trying to walk more so, yeah, I walked this morning.

What I want to know is this – leave your answers in the comment section and just tell me: how do you get to work or get to school or get to wherever you go on a daily basis?

Please let me know in the comment section. It gives me good context – I like to know more about you guys, so please do comment and share and I will correct some of the answers for you there. Well, cool. Erm, I’m going to turn this video off now, continue walking home, and, erm, yeah, thank you for watching this video. See you guys next time!

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