Get Through: A Useful Phrasal Verb to Know

get through

Here is a very useful phrasal verb for you. Watch the video and then answer my question below!

Video Transcript

Hello! This is Jack from and welcome to this English lesson where  we’re going to look at the phrasal verb: get through. So first, let me show you an example of how I used it:  this green tea is going to help me get through the afternoon  it’s going to taste good too.

This clip came from snapchat.  If you have snapchat and you’re not following me on that platform then click  the link to follow me because I share lots of interesting videos to help you improve your English. Now, in that clip, I talked about my green tea and I said this is going to help me get through the afternoon.

So, the phrasal verb we’re using here is to get through – to get through something:  this means to deal with or manage a difficult situation. Now, in my case, it wasn’t a life or death situation – I was tired because i had just done a live lesson and I needed a green tea to help me get through the afternoon. So firstly, know that we can use it in lots of different examples, in fact, here are some more examples now to help you better understand how to use it:

Now, imagine that your friend has just broken up with her boyfriend. At this moment she feels really upset and she needs help.  What you can say to her is this: don’t worry I’ll help you get through this.  I’ll help you get through this – this means I’ll help you overcome this difficult situation.

Presentations can be difficult. People get nervous when they have to give a presentation but in most cases, if you get through the first five minutes then it gets easier and easier. So this means that if you get through the initial period, when it’s the most difficult, then it will become easier later on in your presentation.

The last example I have you is this – and this is a question that i asked my wife last November – do you think we have enough wood to get through the winter? I’m talking about firewood here and I’m asking her if she thinks that we have enough of this firewood to get through the winter.

Now, there are other ways that you can use this phrasal verb and what I want you to do is: if you know how else we can use this to leave some examples below and I’ll also make a follow-up video that goes through different ways we can use this phrasal verb. I also have a question for you: if you are feeling tired in the afternoon, do you eat or drink something to help you get through it? So in my case, I usually have a green tea. But what do you drink or what do you have to eat? Or are you always energetic in the afternoon? Please leave your comments below. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next lesson!

What to Do Now:

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  • Beata Skwierczyńska

    Yesterday, I went to the cinema through the park. When I’m tired in the afternoon, I drink coffee to help me get through it. I just feel better after a nice cup of coffee – I love it!